COLOURPOP: Hits and Miss


Colourpop is a brand born in LA and became popular because it’s affordability and variety of products from liquid lipsticks to metallic eyeshadows. I’ve order them before, but didn’t buy much,and at that time they did not have their ultra matte lipsticks. Colourpop left a great impression on me with their unique eyeshadow formula, but not much for their lippys.


  • All their eyeshadows are amazing, but if i was to order from colourpop, i would go for their metallics and sparkly shadows rather then their mattes. Their formula is so unique, because it feels like a cream, literally like butter, but when you apply it, its completely powder. It has a cushion feeling, making it smooth and really pigmented. When applying these shadows its best to use your fingers instead of a brush to get that full impact of color, thats why i rather go for the metallic and foiled looking shadows aside from mattes because it will be much easier to apply on the lids. All eyeshadows are $5.00 which is a steal because your getting great quality eye shadows in a generous amount, which will last you a long time!





  • I think Colourpop is really awesome with their eye products because their Creme Gel Liners is a HIT as well! It glides on my waterline with no hassle and it gives the pigment i look for in a liner. I only tried one, and its called “HoneyDude” liner and the color of it a nude. I love using a nude color under on my waterline for that fresh wide awake look, and with this liner in able to achieve just that! The price is also $5.00 for these Creme Gel Liners which is fantastic!
  • I have yet to try their eyebrow products, but i have a hard time buying eyebrow products if i can’t personally see them. Maybe one day i will order again, and include some to try out for you all. (Mixed reviews on their eyebrow products)
  • Though i did not enjoy their ultra matte lipsticks, i did enjoy their lippy stix. They have great pigment and they come in a stick applicator in a lipstick form, which makes applying it really easy! The color selection is endless which makes it hard to choose, from nudes to loud red and purples! There are lippy stix with matte finishes, which are the ones i have, but in my opinion they are more like a semi-matte then a matte, because it has a little shine.


  • All though many people rave and buy sooooo many ULTRA MATTE LIPSTICKS, i wouldn’t waste my time on them. They are sooooo drying and unflattering on the lips because it accentuates every line and make them look so wrinkly! Maybe their satin finish liquid lipsticks would be a better choice, but based on my experience with the ultra mattes, i will never purchase again! You can probably make these work by adding some type of balm or gloss, but for me, i defeats the purpose of it being matte, and i just love a matte finish, and applying any balm will add some kind of shine. So all in all if your in it for the color and adding gloss or a lip balm doesn’t bother you then i say go ahead because the price is $6.00 each which is great for a liquid lipstick, but if your like me and is picky with liquid lipsticks, then i say don’t waste your money and time on these, invest in JOUER, Jeffree Star, or Anastasia Beverly Hill Liquid lipsticks. I will def be giving these Colourpop liquid lipsticks away because i don’t want to waste them. Good thing i only bought two! Whew!




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