May 2017 Favorites


Elf Liquid Eyeshadow ” Blushed Copper” ($4.00) : I think elf really hit home run with these, the only down fall is that they only have 6 colors so far that you can choose from. Blushed Copper stood out to me the most because i instantly knew it would be perfect for a inner tear duct highlight or a pop of champagne glow for all over the lid. The pigment is nice, not a beam of color but just enough. Once applied make sure to blend out right away because it does dry fairly quick (tip- its best to blend out with finger). I highly recommend you guys trying these out because they come at reasonable price of $4.00 and they are just just gorgeous!

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow “Weenie”($5.00): This color is part of the Katheen Lights Collection but is still available. This color is sooooooo pigmented and shimmery, totally perfect for all over lid! Its a burst of metallicy rose gold goodness and just one swipe of it will amaze you. With Colourpop shadows theres no surprise how buttery good they are, so to get the best color payoff i recommend you apply the shadows with your fingers rather then a brush. This color is a must have in your collection!

Nyx Angel Veil Primer ($15.99): If you’ve been following me for a while then you probably might know that my all time favorite primer is the bougie ass $50 Hourglass mineral veil, which kills me to love, because it’s just soooo damn expensive! So i had to venture out and find something that won’t hurt my wallet every time i repurchase! All though this primer is still pretty steep for $15.99, given the fact it’s categorized as drugstore , Nyx Cosmetics always has some deal going on at Ulta which you can find most of the time, so you can always wait and get it for cheaper! These two primers are really similar, i wouldn’t say EXACT, but really close! The texture and feel is something you can really set apart, but the finish and longevity is what you pay for when buying the Hourglass primer. If your on a budget though, like me, and wear makeup almost everyday then this will be a good everyday primer. Its not really a pore filling primer, its more of a primer that helps to smooth out your skin and make foundation glide on. The packaging is convenient and perfect for travel, where the Hourglass one is glass and is prone to breaking which would be sad because of how expensive it is! This primer has no scent if that bothers you and just overall keeps your makeup lasting a very long time!

Too Faced Born this Way “Golden” ($39.00): This foundation has really impressed me with its skin life finish and great coverage. All though its not thick, it gives enough coverage to cover those flaws you just do not want to be seen! It’s light and you can hardly feel it. It blends well, doesn’t dry too qucik, and isn’t completely matte which i tend to gravitate to more these days because i usually powder and bake anyways. All though i do get a bit oily when using this foundation, it’s nothing a little blotting can’t fix. My skin type is combination but more on the oily side, but i still really enjoy this foundation.

House of Lashes Glue ($9.00): This lash glue is magical and i believe in the $9 lash glue HYPE! I purchased this during the Sephora VIB sale, just to see what all the fuse was about with this lash glue, and when i tried it, i was impressed! It applies well, it dries up quick, and you cannot see any ugly white glue traces on your lashes, which had me SOLD! Im really impatient when waiting for lash glue to get tacky and other lash glues just take forever, but with this, all you need to do is blow it a few time, and your good to go! I will defiantly repurchase! Im so glad they continue to sell it at Sephora which is convenient rather then ordering it online.

Colourpop Liner “Honeydude” ($5.00): I’ve been looking for a good nude liner for a while and i’m so glad I tried this one from Colourpop! Its pigmented, stays on my water line, and the selling point is the GREAT PRICE! For just $5.00 you cannot go wrong with this one!

Benefit Blush “Rockateur” ($29.00): Benefit has a lot of great blushes and i just gravitated towards this one because of its beautiful soft mauve color. If you first try this out, you will notice a bit of iridescence in it, but once you get through the top layer of the blush, it somewhat turns into a matte blush, which kinda bummed me out to be honest. I still like the color and enjoy using this blush because it looks really natural for everyday use.

Jouer Liquid Lipstick ” Noisette” ($18.00): Ever since i got this liquid lipstick from Gen Beauty SF i had to force myself to use a different lipstick! I love everything about this liquid lipstick, from the packaging, formula, color, and longevity, it PERFECT! I highly recommend, and i know you will not be disappointed! Oh and for color reference it a dupe for the Kylie lipkit in “Dolce K” and Kat Von D “Bow and Arrow”.

From left to right: Elf Blushed Copper, Colourpop Weenier, Benefit Rockateur, Jouer Noisette, (bottom) Colourpop Honeydude liner.



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