Go NUDE this Summer!


I know for some finding the perfect “nude” lip color is hard, but not all “nudes” are the right shade, depending on how pigmented your lips are and the color of your skin. For me i’m Filipina so my skin tone is golden medium and my lips are more on the browny pink side. My lips also look like I have lip liner on for some reason but it’s naturally like that. Before, i would gravitate to Nudes that basically look flesh toned, or a very light brown, so when i would put it on, i would literally look like i was sick or something, A TOTAL NO NO! After that experience i stored away all my nude lipsticks and never used them again, or i would just give it to someone who wants it like my sisters lol! I would be so frustrated and i thought for a long time that nude lipsticks were not for me, so i would just wear lip balm with a tint most of the time, until i found out that muaves and browny pinks were my shades of NUDE. For those who are pale, you would be able to defiantly rock those light browns, and even light pinks, and those who have a deeper complexion, i would suggest leaning more towards darker mauves and maybe even browns.

Here are some of my favorite NUDES or also known as MLBB (My lips but better) shades, or maybe even a mauve? lol What ever you call them these are all wearable lippies for a sweet day look to a dark vampy look at night.


From L-R: Kat Von D “Lolita”, YSL Rouge Volupte “Beige Ultimate”, Jouer “Noisette”, Mac “Twig” / Lower: Nyx “Abu Dhabi”, Chanel “Tender Beige”

My selection of colors range from high end to drugstore and from sheer to matte, so hopefully you find something you like here and try it out. Here’s a short review for each of them:

Kat Von D ” Lolita”– This was the liquid lipstick that let me know that mauvey browny pinks was my kind of color. This is the first ever release of Lolita when it wasn’t even poppin yet, so i don’t know if the color is exact to the one now since the reformulated it. After this lipstick color, i used it as reference and bought lipstick shades that were similar to it every time. This was also the first ever liquid lipstick i tried, and i was hooked ever since! Kat Von D lisptick are one of my favorites and the colors are endless. If you don’t find a nude that suits you in this collection you will for sure find a color that pops!

YSL Rouge Volupte “Beige Ultimate”– This is my first YSL “Luxury Brand” purchases and i was drawn to it by my good friend Andrew also known as “@andrewsoffday” (GO FOLLOW HIM) because he made it look soooo good when he wore it, i just had to have it! This lipstick is a bit sheer and has a lip balm feeling to it because of how moisturizing it is. Your basically paying for how nourishing it makes your lips feel and the bougie ass packaging that looks so good in instagram pics LOL! This a great lipstick that you don’t have to give too much thought into because it looks good all the time!

Jouer “Noisette”– This is my current obsession at the moment and I wear it non stop! This is more on the browny beige side and i just love everything about it! Jouer has one of the best liquid lipstick formula’s in the game right now and i don’t understand why this is my only liquid lipstick i own from them. I will def buy more from them in the future! For reference, this is a dupe for Kat Von D “Bow and Arrow” and Kylie’s “Dolce K”. Oh and may i add, that when i was wiping off these lipstick off with a makeup wide, this was the last one standing. I held on like a champ, and i will def REPURCHASE over and over again!

Mac “Twig”– This Mac lipstick is almost the same color as my natural lip shade, so when i want something i can just grab and go with, this will have to be the one. This is my most used Mac lipstick that i have, and i must have it when i travel because it’s a staple lipstick in my collection.

Nyx “Abu Dhabi”– I love the formula of the soft matte line because its not too matte for those days your lips are just dry AF! This shade has to be the lightest out of the bunch but i usually use a lip liner under (Rock in Rose by Jordana) and it’s just PERFECTION! I remember a time that i couldn’t wear anything else but this lip combo because it was just that beautiful together! The lip liner i wear it with is from Jordana and it’s like $1 or $2 at Walgreens, girlllll you need to try it if you haven’t yet! You will thank me!

Chanel “Tender Beige”– This was gifted to me by my aunt so the shade name/number is alien to me. This is my first Chanel makeup item and yes it makes me feel bad and bougie, but it’s surprisingly really good. It held up just as long as the Jouer lipstick did, and it feels comfortable on the lips as well. It dual ended with a matte liquid on one end, and a gloss on the other, which is nice to have for the times you want to switch it up. Would i repurchase or purchase more in the future? hmm. Maybe if i had extra cash, i would. Would i recommend? If you got the budget. Yeah, why not? Is a must have? No, not really, since there is soooo many other great lippies out there!


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